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Hello and welcome! Michael Burton, Founder of Fiduciary Life Insurance ServicesMy name is Michael Burton. I entered the financial services industry in 2001 and have been a CFP® professional since 2007 and a Life Insurance Counselor since 2008. I presently carry dual licenses to both broker life insurance and consult on life insurance matters for a fee.  My company provides life insurance brokerage and consulting services under the rare and rigorous fiduciary standard of care.  We work with the clients of the the most vigilant financial advisers and wealth managers in the country.

For us, insurance carrier neutrality and full commission disclosure are of utmost importance.  As such, Fiduciary Life Insurance Services refrains from special financial relationships or undisclosed commissions with any specific insurance company.  Fiduciary Life Insurance Services is an independent insurance consulting and brokerage firm.

My career in financial services began in early 2001 with New York Life Insurance Company. Since that time, I have worked in wealth management with three different Registered Investment Advisors, one of which was my own. Those experiences provided a holistic framework for me to understand the proper use of life insurance within the context of a well-built financial plan. In 2011, due in large measure to the success I was seeing reducing life insurance premiums for my own clientele, I began to receive frequent referrals from my fellow CFP® professionals and other fee-only financial planners.  I decided at that time to focus my practice on life insurance services and “opened up shop” as Life Insurance Counselors of Texas.  It was like coming full circle, back to where I started. but with a much better sense of what was missing in the life insurance services market place . . . and how I could help fill the gap.

In 2015, I chose to change the name of my company to Fiduciary Life Insurance Services. I did so because I want people to know that, despite the life insurance industry’s billion-dollar effort to escape being held to the highest standard of professional conduct, some of us actually don’t shy away from that sort of accountability.

Now, I know I am not the only life insurance professional who feels that way.  And I know I am not the only one seeks to put his/her client’s interests first. But surprisingly, I might be the only one willing to put that commitment in writing. I believe that has value. And not just because it protects the client or the professionals who refer me their clients (which it does).

No, it’s much simpler than that.

Putting something in writing forces you to think twice. And the word fiduciary is no trivial term. Adopting it as a part of my company’s name . . . and putting a fiduciary commitment in writing has demanded substantive changes to my practice in ways that even I did not foresee when I first spied the “marketing” opportunity.  What I thought would be a more superficial change has resulted in a self-induced overhaul to my practice:  one that makes me more certain than ever that Fiduciary Life Insurance Services will deliver the best results for you and your clients, every time.

Family of Fiduciary Life Insurance Services FounderOn the personal side, I grew up in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1994 where I received Bachelor of Arts in Letters with a minor in Philosophy of Religion. I live in Austin, Texas with my wife of 18 years and our two young children. In 2013, I completed the Lay Counseling Certification program offered by The Allender Center in Seattle, Washington.

I love sports, reading, writing, and board games. Probably my favorite thing to do with my free time is coach youth flag football.  In fact, between deep dives into copious life insurance minutia, you might catch me designing plays at my desk.

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