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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy F.A.Q.

  • We do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) without your express consent.
  • We will never “trick” you into providing your consent through some obscure link, button, or fine print.
  • In short, if you request us to contact you, you will know it.
  • Unless you specifically direct otherwise in writing, you will not be contacted by anyone who is not directly affiliated with Fiduciary Life Insurance Services.
  • Under no circumstances will your personal information be sold to anyone.
  • Yes, we use cookies. Like everyone else.
  • That said, you can shut us down, if you want.  A quick google search will show you how.
  • If you decide to go on a cookie-free diet, you may be unable to access or use particular features of our website.
  • For the record, cookies only collect non-personally-identifiable information (NPII), anyway.
It’s just that simple. Of course, the implication is that if you don’t genuinely want us to reach out . . . then don’t ask us to do so (please)! And when we call, write, or e-mail . . . please respond!
While the transmission of information via the internet (or any other means) is not 100% completely secure, we take thorough precautions to ensure your data is as safe as possible.

  • We use (and require our vendors to use) secure servers.
  • Details relating to any transactions initiated on our site are encrypted.
  • Our e-mail correspondence requires secure-socket encryption layering.
  • Where we give ( or have given you) a password so that you can access certain parts of our site, you are responsible for 1) changing the password to make it unique; and 2) keeping this password confidential.

Of course, as stated above, the transmission of information via the internet will never be completely secure, you do so entirely at your own risk.

If law enforcement officials or regulatory authorities require us to surrender your personal information in accord with the law, we will comply with such demands. We will also notify you if any such situations arise.
At a minimum, your personally-identifiable information (PII) is comprised of anything that would allow someone to locate you, reach out to you, and/or identify you by name. These things include (but are not limited to) your name, phone number(s), e-mail(s), your web-site, blog, twitter handle, facebook page, instagram account, or any other personal information you disclose to us in connection with our services to you.
Besides us (the owners of this site and/or our employees):

  1. Only the people or organizations that are necessary to provide our services to you.  For example, we customarily use a third party vendor to assemble your life insurance quotes.  When you request a quote using your information, that information will populate a customer database, which is stored on the server of another third party vendor.  And if we reach out to you via e-mail, your e-mail and our correspondence will travel through the servers of other companies such as Bluehost (web hosting) and/or Google (e-mail app provider).  So on and so forth.  These are, of course, all well-established companies with vigorous measures to preserve security for us and our clients.
  2. Any people required to render services that you specifically request.  For example, if you request professional assistance with your life insurance purchase, we may pass along (not sell!) your information to one of our licensed, fully vetted agents and/or general agent affiliates to assist us in the transaction.  Depending on the nature of your needs, that agent may in turn forward your information to other people or organizations needed to facilitate your requests, such as a person to complete your paramedical exam.  Or, of course, the very insurance companies to which you might decide to apply for coverage.
  3. According to our reasonable discretion, your lawful spouse or domestic partner at the time of you engage of our services, or any business partner(s) holding an obvious and or stated financial interest in any life insurance policy you acquire through us.  For example, if your policy is past due and we are concerned that the policy may lapse unintentionally (thus putting a spousal or business beneficiary in jeopardy), we may alert said beneficiary of this danger and supply him/her with the details necessary to pay (or help you pay) the overdue premiums and bring the policy current.  Of course, in the event you should become separated or divorced from said spouse, domestic partner, or business partner subsequent to engaging our services and/or acquiring life insurance coverage, you may always write to us to specifically restrict us from any such disclosures and we will comply with such restrictions within the bounds of the law.

We do our absolute best to only work with third party companies (e.g. Google) and individuals who meet the highest standards of reliability, integrity, and sophistication with regard to protecting your sensitive information.

Yes. If you request us to purge our databases of any information related to you, we will do so as soon as reasonably possible. Typically by the close of the following business day.

In cases where fulfilling our obligations to you has required the use of third parties (see the question above, “who gets to see the goods?”), we will pass along your request within that same time period.  But we cannot guarantee they will comply with your request.

Yes.  Portions of it may change from time to time.  You can always check back here to see the most current version of our privacy policy and we encourage you to do so if you have any concerns.

Furthermore, if you have authorized and/or instructed us to notify you directly of any major changes to our privacy policy, we will do so.