Our Value Proposition for CFP® Practitioners
& Fee-only Professionals


Reduce your referral anxiety.

You guard your clients like a shepherd guards his flock. And you put your credibility on the line when you make a referral. Having been in your shoes, we don’t take that lightly and we know it will take time to gain your trust. Before long, however, you’ll see that we take our fiduciary commitment just as seriously as you do.

Increase your client loyalty.

Your clients appreciate cost savings. You protect them from unecessary fees and commissions. So do we. Our services result in quantifiable value-add, often expressed as new, free cash-flow (premium savings). Whether your clients choose to apply that cash flow to a better current standard of living or to make their retirement plan come together more rapidly, one thing is certain: their loyalty to you will grow.

Disenfranchise your future competition.

Are you leaving your clients to implement your life insurance recommendations on their own? If so, you might be leaving the door open for life insurance agents to cross-sell a simple life insurance sale into asset management or asset-based products that run contrary to your advice. At best, this takes time as you re-educate your unsettled client. At worst, you might even lose the client.

Insulate/increase your assets under management.

For the vast majority of people, term life insurance is the best fit. It suits the cash flow. And it’s much simpler to own. Our unapologetic inclination towards term life insurance means that you needn’t worry about your clients being confused by cash-value products that, if purchased, would impede contributions to (and/or siphon investments away from) the accounts you’ve established to help meet your client’s accumulation objectives. Furthermore, our comprehensive replacement analyses can help support the liquidation of poorly designed and inefficient cash value policies and annuities in your client’s holdings – held away assets that are cumbersome to monitor and drag down the efficiency of the financial plan you’ve worked hard to build.

Leverage your time.

Assuming the lead role for a comprehensive financial plan is a huge undertaking. And no one has the time to be a master of everything. We have deep, focused, domain expertise, relationships, and resources that we are constantly refining in this critically important aspect of your clients’ financial plans. When you add our fiduciary level service to yours, it lets you pay closer attention to your clients while also affording you more time to cultivate your own unique abilities, skills, and over-all practice. That’s a win-win-win.

Reduce your professional liability.

When you agree to be someone’s comprehensive planner, you accept a significant professional burden. Therefore, in almost every other critical aspect of your clients’ financial plans, you collaborate with professionals who help share the fiduciary load. For example, when tax returns or legal documents need to be prepared, you refer to CPAs and attorneys who operate as fiduciaries. Doing so not only results in deeper insights for your clients; but it also reduces your exposure for failing to address things in your clients’ situations that you may not even have known to look for. Why should it work any differently for your clients’ life insurance needs?

Simplify & expedite plan implementation.

You want your hard work and excellent advice to make a difference. But at the end of all the planning, if your clients don’t actually do what you tell them to do, the value of your services is diminished. In an area of planning that is all-too-easy for people to neglect, we work diligently and respectfully with your clients to help them experience the value of your good advice.

Try us out, risk free!

We'll provide our full suite of services on a trial basis to up to three of your clients without any obligation. Should you decide to move forward, we will work with you to develop a mutually-agreeable consulting structure that honors your fee-only convictions and amplifies your fiduciary capacity.

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