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Our Services

  • Fiduciary Brokerage

    Our flagship offering, incorporating many of our other services, begins with the most comprehensive market survey in the industry and ends with the best pricing available for your client, every time. We guarantee it.

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  • Policy X-ray

    We provide a written opinion of your client’s existing policy’s pros & cons including extraction of key constraints, exceptions, or exclusions that are typically buried in a policy’s fine print.

  • RFIOTM Underwriting Survey

    Using our proprietary RFIO (Request For Informal Offers) format, we develop a detailed underwriting summary of your client and submit it anonymously to dozens of insurance companies to see which ones will offer the most competitive rates.

  • Policy Replacement Analysis

    We provide a comprehensive financial analysis of a prospective policy replacement including both quantitative and qualitative factors.

  • “No Load” Policy Acquisition

    When a cash value policy is the best solution for your client, we begin our product search by soliciting bids from the few carriers that issue commission-free products.

  • Term Tiering

    When large amounts of life insurance are needed, diversifying the death benefit across multiple companies and/or multiple term durations can reduce both premiums and non-systemic financial risks.

  • Term Conversion Guidance

    When adverse changes in the health of an insured call for conversion from a term to a permanent product, we evaluate the available conversion options, source new ones if possible, select the best product, and design it to perfection.

  • Policy Disposition

    When an existing policy is no longer needed, or when circumstances create a need for immediate cash, we provide fiduciary representation of your clients in the life insurance secondary markets.

  • Second Opinions

    We provide definitive, written guidance regarding insurance proposals your clients have asked you to review.

  • Problem Solving

    An “underwater” universal life policy is about to die. Or a conversion option is about to expire. We provide decisive leadership in moments of “life insurance crisis.”

Our Compensation

  • Fully Disclosed Commissions

    In most cases, using industry-standard compensation (while keeping everything in the plain light of day) allows us to render our fiduciary services free of charge.

  • Flat Fees*

    Some situations require guidance in which 1) no commissions are payable, or 2) the commissions can be removed to produce optimal results for the client. In such cases, we work out a mutually agreeable flat fee, payable in arrears.

  • Periodic Retainers

    Advisers who want to take the most proactive approach identifying opportunities and solving problems for their clients can place us on a very reasonable flat, periodic retainer.

* Our unique combination of licenses allows us great flexibility. We can even establish a fee-offset arrangement where a flat fee is set which can be completely offset if any commissions are payable.

A Complimentary Offering

A Powerful Quote Engine

Are you just looking for some preliminary data to complete a client’s financial plan? We built an entire website that provides preliminary quotes on demand for over 100 carriers – the most on the web. ¬†What’s more? TermLifeComparison does not require contact information to obtain the information you want. So, help yourself. Hassle free.

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